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Theo Dawson

Dr. Theo Dawson, discusses a wide range of topics related to learning and development, alternative education, and the latest in learning and brain research for educators, parents, and learners everywhere.

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Growth curves vs. individual growth
Individual growth trajectories often don’t stick to statistically determined expectations. The illustration above depicts the growth trajectory of a woman named Eleanore. Between the ages 12 and 68, she completed two different developmental assessments several times. The first assessment was … Continue reading
Fit-to-role, clarity, & VUCA skills: Strong predictors of senior & executive recruitment success
Mental ability is by far the best predictor of recruitment success — across the board.* During the 20th century, aptitude tests were the mental ability metrics of choice — but this is the 21st century. The workplace has changed. Today, … Continue reading
By popular demand—two new self-guided courses from Lectica
Learn how Lectical Assessments are used to support leader growth (LAP-1 Light) and improve hiring decisions (LAP-2 Light)—the easy way! Continue reading
This is a terrible way to learn
Honestly folks, we really, really, really need to get over the memorization model of learning. It’s good for spelling bees, trivia games, Jeopardy, and passing multiple choice tests. But it’s BORING if not torturous! And cramming more and more facts … Continue reading
National leaders’ thinking — growth trajectories
While my colleagues and I have been gathering the data we’ll use to analyze the complexity level of the high profile interview responses of British prime ministers, I’ve been exploring alternative approaches to sharing our findings. As I wrapped up … Continue reading

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