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Blind: Anonymous Work community

Blind is one of the most fast-growing SNS that the service has chosen by million number of Korean users as well as ~250k American users mostly from Western top IT tech companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Uber, etc.

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It happens only in ‘Murica
Call to ban vaccinations.
Discouraging about going to college.
Buying AR-15 for $135 dollars.
Radio shows dominating in this digital age.
Banning abortion without any exceptions.
President wants to date his daughter.

Do you tip for to-go orders in a restaurant?
As no service is provided I generally do not tip but at the same time did tip sometimes.
Bozoma Saint John
Who here understands what value Boz brings to Uber besides building her own personal brand.
Google Trolled
Lol starts at 1:30
Great security though
Confused between 2 offers - workday vs coupang.
I have an offer from workday for a Cloud Software Engineer P3, and Senior Cloud Engineer at Coupang.

125k base/130k stock over 4years /20 sign on / RSU Refresh at Workday.

140k base/10000 pre-ipo options (@$1.95 present)/10k sign on/10% annual bonus. Expected IPO in 2020.

Work is similar in both the companies and I like both the teams. Any suggestions or advices guys?

Growth and pay are important to me. I'm not sure if I will stay in any company for more than 2 years but at least for now no.

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Blind: Anonymous Work community

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