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Classifieds Shopping

Are you shifting your house or office and had a lot of items that are unwanted? One thing that can be done is throwing out the whole in the garbage box or rather earning from those that can be reused or in a little better condition.

Generally, classified products are not that of the bad quality as one might think to be. This category does not include selling of the pets but does allow you to adopt the pet or better called it as re-homing. In a classified section you can find selling or renting of the property ads and also any services offered.

So, before going on a classified products shopping I do want you to take care of the following points;
  • Check whether the picture of the product provided is genuine or not. If the picture resembles any picture that is found on the internet then it is been prescribed to move away from the seller. In certain cases the seller does not provide the picture of the item, don’t ever look in it or can ask for a photo of the item before making any more transaction.
  • Go for a question answer session. You should have a clear idea about the product you are going to buy and before clicking on any seller prepare a list of question whose answer you need to know before buying the product. If possible ask for a demo.
  • Is the product too good to be sold in classified? Ask this question to the seller and once you get a perfect answer to that then only go for the further discussion otherwise preferred to look for the other seller.
  • Decide meeting the seller in a public place. The person you are meeting is a stranger for you and you need to be cautioned. So, decide the meeting in a public place and even better if you can take a friend with you.
  • What is the mode of payment you had chosen? I hope you are not going to paying the seller in cash. You can choose to pay from a large category of online payment. In this way, there is no need to carry the exact change with you and furthermore, you do have payment details with you
Classified shopping has become the newest trend of shopping. So, be careful about the above points and enjoy shopping.


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