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Computers are no more just a machine to us. It has become one of the indispensable parts of our life. Shopping, gathering information, drawing, learning and many other things can be done from this single device. Computers had now made its own place in each and every household. People are more interest in computers now. It has now been made possible to connect to the other part of the world in just a single click.

Computers are now been used in schools and colleges. Some of the schools had also made it the compulsory subject in the school. Offices had also started using the computers. This has increased their efficiency and thus had lowered the workload as each and everything can be done with just a single click. Computers are also been used in the banks. It is also been used in researches and thus had taken the medicine industry in the path of improvement. Not only computers had shown its expertise in the schools, offices and health industry but had also contributed in the defence of the country. It is used for tracking of the unidentified element as well as the firing of the missiles. It is also used to check the security for a particular boundary.

Apart from these computers are also been used for shopping as well as selling of things. Computers have proved to be a wonderful medium for setting up a business. You just need a device in your hand with an internet connect and with a perfect plan you can obviously set up your own business.

Today residing in theses 21sst century it is impossible to stay without a computer. We are just looking forward to more revolution in computers.


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